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Whether you came by boat from the Pleiades or by email from a friend,
you are welcome to my website.
From time to time we are born by spirit winds to shores we have not explored.
Trust your intentions to carry you safely.   Bonn
Time to Bring the Children Home
by Bonn   Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"
When someone told me that Morrrna Nalamaku Simeona had said, "It is time to bring the
children home," I was emotionally flooded by the image of the children of the Divine coming
from the Pleiades, overcoming seemingly impossible odds to be safely guided to a new home.
 What forces carried them safely here?  
Within each of us is the feeling that we have been born on earth temporarily, that we have
some unique place to fill in the universe, that there is a brief moment in which to live and then
to die.  But somewhere inside of me there has always been the knowledge that I am
connected to a greater life that is my life and from which I will never be entirely separated.  
"Going home" means returning to your true identity.  
Thank You
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